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November 2018

Black Friday thru Cyber Monday Deal


Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal This deal offers you 6 months of unlimited CrossFit for the 1 time payment of $500.00 *Contact [email protected] to set begin date of membership -Deal must be redeemed by January 31st 2019 - on January 31st 2019 membership will automatically begin* *Deal may be purchased by current members please contact [email protected] [...]

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October 2017

Get Started With Grove CrossFit Today!


The first step to getting started is as simple as making a phone call. Click HERE and schedule a Free Trial Class. Don’t let your current physical condition hold you back. We will challenge the fittest athletes but we can also scale even the hardest WOD to whatever level is required to challenge you without [...]

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May 2017

Here’s How CrossFit Games Athlete Sam Dancer Warms Up


If you love the Reebok CrossFit Games, odds are that you’ve wondered how on Earth Sam Dancer is so strong. Dancer came in second place at the 2014 Reebok CrossFit® Games when he was competing as part of CrossFit Conjugate, an affiliate based in Ohio. In 2016, he qualified and competed as an individual. He’s [...]

Here’s How CrossFit Games Athlete Sam Dancer Warms Up2017-05-10T18:23:49+00:00

October 2013

Free Stuff in October!!!


Just a quick heads up about a couple contests that will be taking place in the month of October, that all Grove CrossFit athletes have an opportunity to win. We will be giving away a Grove CrossFit jacket to the athlete with the most referral sign-ups for the month of October. So don't hesitate to [...]

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August 2013



08/30/13 NEW CLASS SCHEDULE In response to the requests of our athletes, we have added a couple new classes to the schedule and even brought a class back. Be sure to take advantage of the new schedule... 6am Class Tuesday, Thursday & Friday IS BACK!!!  Saturday open box 11am has been added.

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December 2012

Women this is a MUST read!! SKINNY isn’t always GOOD!!!


    Do you fear getting bulky by lifting weights? Do you think being "skinny fat" is healthy? Post thoughts to comments. Article by Tabata Times.

Women this is a MUST read!! SKINNY isn’t always GOOD!!!2012-12-04T06:58:49+00:00

November 2012



Ok, it's official, Grove CrossFit is on the map!!! Now that getting on the map in the literal sense is accomplished, it's time to put us on the map in the figurative sense. Whether it's by t-shirts, FaceBook, competing or the simplest and most effective way, word of mouth. Let's get out there and spread the [...]

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I want to wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving. I also wanted to thank all the new Grove CrossFit family members who have made Grove CrossFit their new home away from home in our fledgling weeks of business. All the energy that we've seen the past two weeks has inspired me and everybody who witnessed [...]

11/22/12 HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!2012-11-23T00:11:49+00:00

Thank You!!


I would like to take a moment and personally thank all those who have served our country, lost loved ones serving our country, and who are currently serving our country around the world. I know that without your sacrifices our freedoms and way of life wouldn't be possible. I would also like to ask those [...]

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Twice the Luck!! My Lucky First Dollar


I wanna thank a good friend Joe Ruiz for being my first paying athlete. Not only was he the first person to reach into his pocket but he was kind enough to pass on a $2 bill he has keep for good luck. They say to hold onto your first dollar made as a good [...]

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