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June 2014

WOD 06/30/14 Hero WOD “DT”


WOD 06/30/14 Barbell Work: 10 Min to Find a Heavy 3 Position Clean (High to Low) Conditioning: Hero WOD "DT" In honor of USAF SSgt Timothy P. Davis, 28, who was killed on Feburary, 20 2009 supporting operations in OEF when his vehicle was struck by an IED. Timothy is survived by his wife Megan and one-year old [...]

WOD 06/30/14 Hero WOD “DT”2014-06-30T06:29:19+00:00

WOD 06/27/14 “Samia’s 37th Birthday WOD”


  WOD 06/27/14 "Samia's 37th Birthday WOD" This might seem a little early to do a Birthday WOD for Grove CrossFit athlete Samia since here date of birth is 07/08/77 , but tomorrow will be here last WOD before she takes the next month off to observes Ramadan. 7 Rounds of: 8 Burpees 7 Kettlebell [...]

WOD 06/27/14 “Samia’s 37th Birthday WOD”2014-06-27T05:38:58+00:00

WOD 06/25/14


    WOD 06/25/14 10min to find a Thruster 1RM then after a short rest, 15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of: Power snatch (95#/65#) Burpees Wallball (20#/14#)  

WOD 06/25/142014-06-25T05:28:15+00:00

WOD 06/24/14


WOD o6/24/14 6min EMOM 4 Box Over Burpees 4 Abmat Sit-ups 2 min rest then, 4 Rounds for Time of : 25 Double-unders 25 Kettlebell swings (53#/35#) 25 Abmat Sit-ups

WOD 06/24/142014-06-24T05:49:09+00:00

WOD 06/23/14


  WOD 06/23/14 For Time: 200m Legless Row (155#/110#) Front Squat, 21 reps 200m Legless Row (155#/110#) Front Squat, 15 reps 200m Legless Row (155#/110#) Front Squat, 9 reps 200m Legless Row *Barbell must be cleaned to front rack position.

WOD 06/23/142014-06-23T06:01:14+00:00

WOD 06/20/14


  WOD 06/20/14 "Christine" 3 Rounds for Time 500m Row 12 Deadlift (Body Weight) 21 Box Jumps (20")

WOD 06/20/142014-06-20T05:45:44+00:00

WOD 06/19/14


  WOD 06/19/14 Strength: 1RM Bench Press Conditioning: 20 Target Burpees 30 Jumping Lunges 40 Abmat Sit-ups 800m Run 40 Abmat Sit-ups 30 Jumping Lunges 20 Target Burpees

WOD 06/19/142014-06-19T06:42:44+00:00

WOD 06/18/14


WOD 06/18/14 A) Reverse Tabata of: L-sits B) 4 rounds for time of: 30 Double -unders 20 Deadlifts (185#/130#) 10 Chest to Bar

WOD 06/18/142014-06-18T05:47:57+00:00

WOD 06/17/14


  WOD 06/17/14 Strength: 20 Rep Back Squat Conditioning: 1 Rep of each movement during min 1, then 1 additional rep for every min there after until workload exceeds the one min time frame. -Overhead Squat (75#/55#) -Weighted Box Step-ups (75#/55#)

WOD 06/17/142014-06-17T06:18:25+00:00