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January 2014

WOD 01/31/14


  WOD 01/31/14 WOD A) 10 EMOM of: 1 Power Clean+1 Squat +1 Jerk (135#/95#) WOD B) 1 Pull-up + 1 Handstand Push-up *With a continuously running clock, add 1 rep to each movement every additional min. Continue as long as possible or until workload exceeds the one min time frame.

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WOD 01/30/14


Thats right the Open is upon us!!! Don't forget to get registered for the 2014 CrossFit Open!!! It doesn't matter if you're a new athlete or a seasoned vet you should register. The Open is a fun way to gauge your progress. Wether you're new or old, it will give you a great starting point [...]

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WOD 01/29/14


  WOD 01/29/14 3 Rounds for Time: 10 Chest to Bar Pull-ups 20 Weighted Walking Lunges (53#/35#) 30 SDHP  (53#/35#) 40 Squats

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WOD 01/28/14


    WOD 01/28/14 5 Rounds of: 200m Run 10 Shoulder to Overhead (1/2 Body Weight) 10 Deadlift (Body Weight)

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WOD 01/27/14 Hero WOD “Klepto”


U.S. Air Force Major David "Klepto" L. Brodeur, 34, of Auburn, Massachusetts, assigned to the 11th Air Force, based at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska, died on April 27, 2011 in Kabul, Afghanistan, of wounds sustained from gunfire from an Afghan military trainee. He is survived by his wife Susie, daughter Elizabeth, and son David.   [...]

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WOD 01/24/14


  WOD 01/24/14 21 Wall Ball Shots (20#/14#) 9 Wall Ball Sit-ups (20#/14#) 200m Run 15 Wall Ball Shots (20#/14#) 15 Wall Ball Sit-ups (20#/14#) 400m Run 9 Wall Balls Shots (20#/14#) 21 Wall Ball Sit-ups (20#/14#) 800m Run

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WOD 01/23/14


  WOD 01/23/14 This is the final comp WOD our teams did this past weekend at the Affiliate League comp. Kettlebell Swings Jumping Lunges Toes to Bar Double Unders The reps will be 10/10/10/50 20/20/20/50 30/30/30/50 40/40/40/50

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WOD 01/22/14


  WOD 01/22/14 This is one of the WODs our teams did this past weekend. 4 Rounds of: 5 Cleans (115#/75#) 10 Box Over Jumps 5 Snatch (115#/75#) 10 Box Over Jumps 200m Weighted Run (20#/14#)

WOD 01/22/142014-01-22T05:13:48+00:00

WOD 01/21/14


  WOD 01/21/14 A) 10min to find a 1RM Thruster B) 5 Rounds of: 10 Clusters* 10 Weighted Lunges* *Weight is @50% of Thruster Max from A

WOD 01/21/142014-01-21T06:53:06+00:00

WOD 01/20/14


  WOD 01/20/14 7min AMRAP 14 Kettlebell Snatch (53#/35#) 28 Abmat Sit-ups 2 min Rest 7 min AMRAP 14 Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (53#/35#) 28 Pistols (Alternating Legs)

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