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November 2013

WOD 11/28/13 “Turkey WOD”


WOD 11/28/13 TURKEY WOD 2013 Teams size will be set when the exact number of athletes are counted at the beginning of class.… WOD will be unveiled 10 mins before class! Don't be late and miss out on all the fun.

WOD 11/28/13 “Turkey WOD”2013-11-28T06:15:54+00:00

WOD 11/27/13 “Sohair’s Birthday WOD!”


    WOD 11/27/13 Happy 31st birthday to Sohair!!! I know this is a day late but we wanted to wait to program this WOD for a day that she would be here to "enjoy" it! 11 Hundred meter row or run 26 Burpees 82 Jumping Pull-ups (from a bent knee, see below) 31 Squats [...]

WOD 11/27/13 “Sohair’s Birthday WOD!”2013-11-27T06:57:21+00:00

WOD 11/26/13


  WOD 11/26/13 Strength: 15min to find a heavy 2 rep overhead squat Conditioning: Seven rounds for time of: 7 Front squat (155#/105#) 7 Chest-to-bar Pull-ups

WOD 11/26/132013-11-26T06:54:47+00:00

WOD 11/25/13


WOD 11/25/13 8 Rounds of: 400m Run Rest 90 sec

WOD 11/25/132013-11-25T07:38:40+00:00

WOD 11/22/13


WOD 11/22/13 2 Rounds of: 100m Run 10 Wall Ball Abmat Sit-ups (20#/14#) 200m Run 20 Push-ups 400m Run 40 Bent Over Row (75#/55#)

WOD 11/22/132013-11-22T08:06:17+00:00

WOD 11/22/13


2 Rounds of: 100m Run 10 Abmat Sit-ups 200m Run 20 Push-ups 400m Run 40 Bent Over Row (75#/55#)

WOD 11/22/132013-11-22T07:54:01+00:00

WOD 11/21/13 “Dirty Thirty”


  Come celebrate Paul Logan kissing his 20's goodbye as he imbraces his 30's Strength: 15min to find a 20 RM Front Squat Conditioning: 3 Rounds for time of, 400m Run 30 Push Ups 20 Snatch (95#/65#) 10 Snatch Grip Shoulder to Overhead  (95#/65#) *Push press is from behind the neck

WOD 11/21/13 “Dirty Thirty”2013-11-21T07:15:21+00:00

WOD 11/20/13


WOD 11/20/13 Five rounds for time of: 20 Pull-ups 30 Kettlebell swings  (53#/35#) 40 Double-unders

WOD 11/20/132013-11-20T07:30:37+00:00

WOD 11/19/13


WOD 11/19/13 15mins to work up to a HEAVY 3 Position Clean (High Hang, Hang, Floor)) Conditioning 30 Clusters for time (135#/95#) *5 Burpess penalty for every break

WOD 11/19/132013-11-19T07:59:51+00:00

WOD 11/18/13


21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of: Sumo Deadlift High-pull (95#/65#) Bar Over Squat Jumps (Full squat before jumping over barbell)  

WOD 11/18/132013-11-18T07:20:20+00:00